Thursday, February 11, 2016

What We Wore : Mommy + Me

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for mom + me matching outfits.
When Ava and I were grocery shopping last week, we came across this turtleneck in the clearance section of Joe Fresh for under $6. 
She noticed it first and yelled out "mommy, it's just like yours!".
And in the cart it went. 
I mean, how could we not?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine's Day.
I remember the days of early dating and marriage where it would have been a sin to even dream of forgetting flowers. 
Today, I find it's more about the kids than anything else.
But still, I love this day of love.
see what I did there?
Here are a few fun ideas to help celebrate the occasion! 
Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1. For me. ahem. I haven't actually smelled this fragrance but the bottle alone? Screams love. And it would look lovely in my bathroom. Or anywhere. Valentino, $125

2. For my husband. He has a "good" watch that he wears every day but how fun would this navy one with a silicone band be for the weekend? It's one of those gifts that you might not buy for yourself but would love to have. Michael Kors, $300

3. For my Ava. Somehow, a heart-covered sweater is not a fashion faux-pas until you're at least 12. Same goes for matching printed ballet flats. I would pair these with dark denim.
Too cute for words. The Gap, sweater $21, shoes $24.99

4. For the little man in your life. I die. This might be the cutest Valentine's Day shirt I have ever seen. I remember buying Julian similiar one's when he was just a little guy - with words like "heartbreaker" or "I love mama" but this? This is a whole other level of adorable. Love it with some cozy grey sweat pants and slip on shoes.The Gap, Dr. Love top $17.99, shoes $29.95

5. For your boyfriend. Similiar to my thoughts on number 1 above, this bottle just does me in. Fabulous. This cologne I have actually smelled and it is lovely. This would make a perfect gift for those early, giddy days where you need to buy them something but you don't really want it to look too thought out. Valentino, $98

6. For your gal pal. Diptyque's limited edition "Rosaviola". Literally lasts forever. Just like your friendship. Awwww. Diptyque, $97

7. For the teenage girl. It's a little tough to see but these panties have emoji's on them! I mean, perfection. I know she would get a kick out of them and the quality on these is excellent.
 Cheek Frills, $72

8. For both of you. Forget lingerie, this is truly a gift for you both. And, it clearly lays out the facts in your relationship - just in case he forgot after all these years. Kate Spade, $50

What's on your heart-shaped list?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

What She Wore : M is for Moto

We've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of mid-calf moto-inspired boots.
We fell in love with these but sadly, they just weren't in the budget. Not for a casual every day boot.
We're pretty happy with the ones we found. 
The perfect combination of rugged and polished.
Just like this look -

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Wore : Fringed

This fringed long cardigan by Canadian knitwear brand Line hides a multitude of sins including indulgent post-holiday eating.
On days like this one, where the weather is unseasonably mild, it's the perfect addition to a simple turtleneck and jeans.
No coat required. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ready, Set, Romance

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, the romantic in me slowly starts to veer its heart-shaped head.
The stores are full of pink and red goodies making me feel like Cupid can’t be far away.
I find that even though I swear to myself each year that it’s just like any other day, something about the fact that everybody else is celebrating makes me feel like it’s just somehow more special than other days.
While the romantic one-on-one dinners of old may be a thing of distant memories, I now find myself trying to make the day special for my both my husband AND my children. All while waiting for my own flowers to arrive. Ahem.
Getting prettied up is always a popular exercise in a house filled with women, as ours is.
Between my Isabella, who is almost 18 and my Ava Grace, who thinks she’s 18, all of us enjoy our girl time – whether it’s playing with makeup, trying out new hair styles or doing our nails and feet.
Valentine’s Day gives us the excuse to go all out – and we’ve already started the process.
When the new Amope™ Pedi Perfect™  Electronic Nail Care System arrived, we were all anxious to give it a try. Isabella loves a natural nail and thought the idea of not needing clear polish, while still getting shiny, natural looking nails was amazing.
I loved the fact that I no longer needed to lay out buffers, nail files and the like. One compact, easily portable tool that does it all for both your hands and feet?
There might be a little romance in store for me on Valentine’s Day after all.  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Coffee Talk

It's been far, far too long since we sat down to have coffee.
I still take mine with double cream (I know) and a sugar and a half. No matter how hard I try, I just can't give up the sugar. In the process of slowly weaning myself down to just one. I blame my mother who takes hers so sweet, it makes your teeth hurt.

Ava started FULL TIME senior kindergarten this past fall. Still not sure I agree with a full time program for this age {it makes for a long day} but she is loving it. For us, it means no more daycare as we're fortunate to live just a few short blocks away from the school. I must say, walking her back and forth reminds me of my own childhood; something so great about being able to do so.

Julian is finishing his LAST YEAR of grade school. Maybe it's just me but he does not seem anywhere near ready to head off to high school. We are still deciding whether or not he will enter the regular school system or if we'll go private - I worry about him more than I ever did with Isabella both socially and academically. He's a different cat - and high school can be intimidating at the best of times. 
Life was so much simpler when he was in diapers.

The weather here in Toronto has been quite mild this year with very little snow. It's funny - the older I get, the LESS I like it very cold or very hot. This weather is suiting me just fine although, I do miss the white stuff. 
As you already know, Isabella is in 12th grade - her last year of high school. SO many milestones for us this year! I worry about her university choices; mostly because I don't want her to leave home. I'm leaning more towards the "go to school locally and we'll buy you a little car" route. 
Bribery? Maybe so, maybe so.

Is blogging a dying art form? (was it ever an art form?) I often contemplate where this little space is headed and while I still love the creative outlet it provides, I don't want it to become just a marketing space. I love sharing stories about our everyday life, photographs of my children - combined with reviews of products we actually LOVE and would buy ourselves. 
I never want that to change.

So tell me, what do you think of the semi-new blog design? We've been getting great feedback so far - I think it's much easier to navigate (find our favourite weekly features on the right side bar with direct links to the posts) and definitely cleaner. As Ava grows up, I wanted the space to grow with her; hoping we've achieved that.

I need to start working out. I hate working out. Any tips?

What have y'all been up to? Tell me everything.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Ava Wore : The Little Red Coat

I think every little girl should own a little red coat.
There is just something so classic about it.
We inherited this one from a dear friend whose own little girl had outgrown it; the detail is just beautiful.
And, it's perfect for twirling.
toque - Roots {not current}
coat - Helena Neiman Marcus
pants - Old Navy {on sale!}
boots - Hunter {on sale!}
I also think every little and big girl should own a pair of red rubber rain boots.
But that's a given.

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