Thursday, October 8, 2015

What Ava Wore : Stepping into Fall with Badorf Kids

This girl loves shoes.
almost as much as her mama does.
I'm a big believer in quality over quantity - especially when it comes to their growing feet.
These, both by Footmates via Badorf Kidscome with an amazing insole that allows you to either use or remove it as you need to.
Ava assures me they are super comfy.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sisters : Raising Strong Girls with Jill Yoga + A Giveaway

My girls.
I like to think I'm raising them to be strong.
Both inside and out.
True strength begins not with what you eat, or with exercise, but with how you feel about yourself.

Self-esteem - knowing they are perfect, just the way they are. That they are always good enough.
And that we love them for being exactly the individuals each of them was meant to be.

on Ava:
topjacketyoga pants - all c/o Jill Yoga
on Izzy:
topjacketyoga pants - all c/o Jill Yoga 
I'm one lucky mama.
Try your own luck - enter below to win a jacket, yoga pants and matching headband with bag via
Jill Yoga.
Open to residents of Canada only.
Good Luck!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What Ava Wore : Stars + Stripes

With Back to School finally in full swing, we're ready to share the second of two looks featuring fabkids.
This outfit might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen - my two favourite prints, stars AND stripes, all in the same outfit.
No wonder someone is so happy.

Monday, September 28, 2015

SomeDay with RBC Twitter Party

Were you able to join the RBC RESP twitter party last week?
I learned so much. And honestly, here I thought I knew all that I needed to know already.

I wish I had known years ago that grandparents, godparents - whoever! can purchase RESP gift cheques for birthday's, Christmas whatever! - a direct donation to your child's account.
Or that a contribution of just $25 per week could grow to over $50000 by the time your child is 18 years old?
My Isabella's contribution eligibility will end in just a few short months once she turns 17 - I'll definitely be taking advantage of adding a wee bit more to her fund before she starts university next Spring.
#eeek #somebodyholdme
And thankfully, even if she decided NOT to start school right away - her RESP will be there waiting for her. 
Want to learn more?
Visit RBC here to get answers.
And while you're at it, enter the Grow Your RESP with RBC contest for a chance at 1 of 4 prizes of $500 towards your child's RESP - ends October 4th.
Disclaimer: This post was written as part of my affiliation with Influencer. 
As always, all opinions are strictly my own. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions : A Review

I'll be honest.
Originally, I planned on showing off the Irresistible Me hair extensions pictured in a What I Wore post - but then, Izzy found them.
She has worn them off and on ever since.
Not believing how easy they are to put in or take out in a hurry - perfect to give her just a little extra length and a lot more volume.
We're loving how the shade blends but gives a tiny bit of contrast - 

So simple to use:
1. Pull your hair up right around the crown to clip in largest piece {this one gives you volume and length all the way around}
2. Let fall. Pin up smaller portion to ensure visibility to each side.
3. Clip in smaller extensions here. There are lots included - Isabella is wearing just one on each side for a little extra volume.
4. Let your hair down!
5. Try it in a braid for added volume AND length. So pretty.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I Wore : Cerulean Sky

Now there's an amazing name for a scarf.
Made even more amazing by the fact that for each one sold at Chico's through October 31st, $10 of the $50 purchase price will be donated to SUTC {Stand Up to Cancer} with an end goal of $100,000.
Shopping for a good cause? That's my kind of philanthropy.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The "Someday" Campaign with RBC

I remember when I was a kid, my parents were forever telling me that "someday" I would be parent. this happened mostly when I was doing something that had them hoping that "someday" I would endure the same difficulty with my own children as they were in that particular moment. But I digress.
Being a parent means a lot of things but I will say, it is a very real lesson in reality.
The reality that now you are responsible for another human being. 
I still remember the discussions we would have around Isabella when she was far, far too young to understand.
We talked about our hopes and dreams for her. 
About what she might become. 
And wanted to ensure that whatever those dreams might be, that we could afford to give them to her - or at least help her along the way the very best we could.
 We opened an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) account for her shortly after she was born and contributed faithfully even though we knew that the need to use these dollars was far away. For years, all of her birthday {or other life event} money went into the fund as well.
Today, in doing that, I can honestly say that we're not worried about where she might choose to go to school. please stay local, please stay local, please stay local.
I have faith in the knowledge that her tuition fees are covered. And then some.
It's funny, I'm not even sure she knows that.
If I could have but one wish for all of my children, it would be for each of them to choose their passion wisely.
Move towards their goals without fearing that they have made the right decision.
And that regardless of where they land, what they end up doing - that most importantly, they are happy. 
And if you ask me, happy comes much easier without any student loans.

Read more about the RESP and all of the benefits that come along with it at the RBC RESP website.
Warning: the video below may make you cry in it's reality. #theygrowuptoofast

Want to learn more?
Join us for the RBC RESP twitter party on September 8th at 9pm est.
They'll be giving away 6 $150 Visa gift cards!
No need to RSVP, just use #RESPwithRBC to join the fun. 

Disclosure: This post was written as part of my affiliation with Influence Central. All opinions are strictly my own.

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